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Realestate Project Funding Made Easy

Capital Funding platform helps investors group togather and fund real estate development projects of various sizes. New York City is always growing and it is nation biggest capital market. Builders and develpers post their project for investors to review, while Capital Funding platform mamgest croud funding process and allows smaller invetors to fund real estate project. Whis is a win win scenario for both builders and investors! Builders get access to more affortable less strict money while investors can commit smaller amounts of money to reduce their portfolio risks. Your do not need to be big investor, CF platform allows investmenst as little as $100, and you can choose projects that you like.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Process

Post Project

Builder prepare projects documentation and post buld and financial plan alog with funding requirements and extimated ROI


Investors review  available projects and choose those they like and how much funds they would like to commit to the project.


As construcction commences  builders post progress reposrt and expenses for review to ensure that project is on track


When project complete. funds are distributed back to investor, efficiency and ranking are calculated for spesific builder for future projects

Curent Project

There always new projects available for investmnet. If you like to posrt your projects please contact us to setup builder profile. If you are an investor, please register and browse our listings

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